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Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future


Get the facts straight

cmefendthehiddentaxgraphicRight now, lawmakers in the Michigan House of Representatives are considering legislation critical to securing Michigan’s energy future. Senate Bills 437 and 438 sustain choice and ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for Michigan’s families and businesses.

And out-of-state retail energy marketers are doing everything they can to stop it. Why? Simple: to protect a sweetheart deal that since 2009 has resulted in $2.1 billion in hidden taxes that 99.7% of Michiganders are forced to pay. Basically, out-of-state energy marketers that supply electric choice customers skirt the responsibility of investing in Michigan and instead pass those costs off to Michigan families, communities and businesses.

This is unacceptable. But there’s a solution: Senate Bills 437 and 438.

Senate Bill 437 closes this unfair loophole that unduly burdens Michiganders. By closing this loophole, the Legislature can make sure this hidden tax is no longer imposed on Michigan families and businesses. It creates a fair structure to support reliability for everyone.

Michigan needs power plants built in Michigan, operated by Michigan workers. Without action by your lawmaker, you, your family and your neighbors will continue to pay over $300 million annually to subsidize someone else’s free ride.

Some say we should wait until President-Elect Trump takes office.  Our aging energy infrastructure, existing environmental standards and new technologies mean that old plants will still be retired regardless of any action the new President may take.

The time to act is NOW: Take action and write your lawmaker and tell them to end the hidden tax and support Senate Bills 437 and 438!

This legislative package is a thoughtful, bipartisan solution that puts Michigan and Michiganders first. After two years of testimony, compromise and action in both chambers, Senate Bills 437 and 438 represent the best possible package to secure Michigan’s energy future.

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