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Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future

Secure Michigan's Energy Future

We need to update Michigan's current energy law to account for aging coal plants, new environmental standards and ever-changing technology. We need a Michigan-first energy plan that ensures fair choice and secures Michigan's energy future.

What's the problem?


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The Problem

Critical Michigan power plants serving over 2 million Michiganders will soon be shut down soon because of environmental standards and old age.

Our choice is to either let Washington DC dictate Michigan’s energy plan or we can take control of our own energy future.  Michigan’s economy depends on reliable, affordable, clean electricity – which we can and must provide by passing a comprehensive Michigan First energy policy in 2016.

Put Michigan First

A Michigan First plan puts us in control of our energy future instead of turning the decisions over to Washington, D.C.

A Michigan First energy plan will make sure that Michigan companies and Michigan workers generate the power we need - while keeping jobs right here in Michigan.

Why Does Michigan’s Energy Plan Matter To Me?

Reliable, affordable electricity service is vitally important to power Michigan’s economy and to provide Michigan families with daily necessities we take for granted.

Most of us probably never think about Michigan’s energy supplies.  But our energy landscape is about to change dramatically as a number of critical Michigan power plants are closed in the near future due to old age and environmental standards.  Michigan’s current energy laws do not provide the certainty power companies need to make investments in new power plants needed to replace these aging plants.  Michigan’s next energy plan should protect families and businesses from generation shortages and sudden, unpredictable electricity rate spikes and the volatility of the energy market.