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Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future

About Us

Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization that knows that the Legislature must act in 2016 to develop a comprehensive energy policy for Michigan’s future. This new energy policy should provide affordable, reliable, and clean energy, made in Michigan, by Michigan workers. The plan should make sure everyone pays their fair share – Michigan families and businesses deserve nothing less.

Critical power plants across Michigan will be shut down because of old age and environmental standards. Independent projections show the gap between available energy generating capacity and customer demand for power in Michigan is shrinking and our state faces an energy shortfall as early as 2016. Our choice is to either let Washington, D.C. dictate Michigan’s energy plan or we can take control of our own energy future.

We can’t afford to do nothing and face the prospects of electric shortfalls that will affect our electric reliability, energy affordability, and our state’s economy. We must act soon to create a new energy plan that puts our state first – before Washington, D.C. imposes an energy plan on the state.