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Protect Michigan’s Electric Reliability: Pass Energy Legislation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016

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Palisades plant early shutdown underscores need for House action

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan House members must act to protect electric reliability in the state, particularly in light of today’s announcement that the Palisades power plant will be retired in less than 24 months.

“Today’s news puts an exclamation point on the need for action on energy by the Michigan legislature,” said Ken Sikkema, senior policy consultant for Public Sector Consultants and former Senate Majority Leader.

“Federal regulations and deregulation market conditions combined are driving the shutdown of dozens of power plants in Michigan and across the region. While Michigan’s regulated utilities have enough supply for their customers, out-of-state alternate suppliers historically have relied on purchasing surplus power in the market, a surplus which is now drying up.   This raises significant reliability concerns for our state which must be fixed by the legislature.”

Legislation that’s now before the state House addresses this issue and ensures that Michigan will have reliable, affordable and sustainable power in the future.

“The current bills before House members ensure all energy providers in the state have reliable power supplies to meet their customers’ needs. We encourage members to approve this legislation today,” said Steve Transeth, former Michigan Public Service Commissioner and energy advisor to CMEF. “Doing nothing is not an option and simply places Michigan’s reliability at risk.”

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