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Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future


Michigan Infrastructure Commission report shows immediate need for energy reforms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, Dec. 5, 2016

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Michigan House must act swiftly on Senate Bills 437 and 438 to ensure reliable affordable energy for residents, communities, businesses

Lansing, Mich. — Shoring up Michigan’s energy infrastructure is crucial to ensuring reliable, affordable power for residents, businesses and communities and for long-term economic growth and prosperity in Michigan, according to a report from the Michigan 21st Century Infrastructure Commission unveiled today.

Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future (CMEF), a diverse coalition committed to securing Michigan’s energy future, couldn’t agree more.

“We commend the Governor and this Commission for their hard work and forward-looking recommendations to fortify the state’s aging infrastructure. With Michigan’s energy future at a critical crossroads, this work is more important and urgent than ever,” said Steve Transeth, former Michigan Public Service Commissioner and energy advisor to CMEF.

Transeth pointed to the bipartisan commission report that noted, “Michigan’s risk of devastating outages is serious and growing.”

He explained that coal plants have closed, and will continue to do so, due to old age and existing environmental standards – which will happen regardless of what may happen in Washington with President-Elect Trump and environmental rules. And experts project Michigan will have an electric capacity shortfall as soon as next year.

“This report highlights just how important swift legislative action is today to ensure Michigan’s families, businesses and communities have the affordable, reliable and clean energy they need tomorrow,” Transeth sajd. “Senate Bills 437 and 438 represent more than two years of hard work, analysis and research. The legislation sustains choice, improves reliability, and ensures a competitive process for new electric generation, all while getting rid of a $2.1 billion hidden tax that Michiganders have been paying unfairly. The Michigan House should act now and pass these bills to secure reliable electricity and power a strong economy for all Michiganders.”

Senate Bills 437 and 438 are supported by a diverse and growing list of businesses, nonprofit, community and labor organizations, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Association of Michigan, Ford, GM, chambers of commerce across the state, the Michigan AFL-CIO, Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, International Union of Operating Engineers and many more.

For the entire growing list of supporters and facts about the legislation, visit MichiganEnergyFuture.com.