Put Michigan First. Take Action Now
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Citizens for Michigan's Energy Future

Guiding Principles

Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future knows that the Legislature must act in 2016 to develop a comprehensive energy policy for Michigan’s future. This policy should provide reliable, affordable electricity, made in Michigan, by Michigan workers.

To be fair to all, the policy should make sure everyone pays their fair share – but that no customer is forced to unfairly carry the cost burdens of another customer. Michigan families and businesses deserve nothing less.

Michigan First

Making sure we put Michigan first means that Michigan companies and Michigan workers generate the power we need while keeping jobs here in Michigan. A Michigan First plan puts us in control of our energy future instead of turning the decisions over to Washington, D.C.


Today, the average Michigan residential electric customer’s bill is ten percent lower than the U.S. average. Michigan’s next energy plan should protect families and businesses from sudden, unpredictable electric rate spikes and the volatility of the market. Price spikes and volatility will result if the gap between Michigan’s capacity to generate power and the demand for power in the state is not closed.


Electricity is an essential service with no substitutes, so Michiganders should not be forced to accept shortages.  Critical power plants across Michigan will be shut down because of old age and federal environmental regulations. A recent independent report noted these plants produce energy for a million people.  Independent projections show that Michigan faces an energy shortfall – even before these power plants close.  Keeping the lights on and factories running is a job best done by a Michigan First energy policy.


Michigan’s next energy plan should rely on a flexible mix of clean energy sources like wind and natural gas to protect Michigan’s environment.  Michigan’s new plan must also establish new energy efficiency goals to use less energy and help families and businesses lower their electric bills.